An employment visa is a gateway towards an international work experience. The skills and abilities of an employee get polished once he is exposed towards the international work culture. Today, we are in a world where the technology has connected every corner and has developed into a small village.

Today’s companies have got a large landscape where they are able to focus on international recruiting, helping a business entity grow with multi-culture and multi-ideas under a single platform. This technique has been one of the crucial decisions held by the UAE business entities that have molded the entire nation to be one of the fastest growing countries in all aspects.


An employment visa is required to the onboard employees from different regions of the world. Dubai employment visa is issued by the Ministry of Labour (MOL) through the help of any traveling agency for duration of 2 years.

The employer or the business entity initiates the visa process for the future employee by fulfilling the UAE employment visa documents requirements stated by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA).

So may other employers or Business entity normally allow employee to process their papers on their own expenses and be duly reimbursed by the employers. Upon completion of the process, the employee will be issued with a work visa along with a residence visa and a work permit that becomes a mandate for every employee working in the Emirates.


The UAE employment visa process can be done through online and offline mode. The MOL has initiated the process of introducing a website which would serve the purpose of the employment visa process at a fast pace. Moving on to the offline mode, (which is always recommended) the documents are to be submitted at the typing centre OR Traveling agency or a service center authorized by YOUR EMPLOYERS. Once these are submitted, it is advised to keep a track to know the visa status, which can be done through an online process, or with the help of the employee’s passport number through the traveling agency.

How to Check Employment Visa Status Online in UAE? To get a clear idea regarding the employment visa status, the employee can get the status details through the link from the AGENCY after submitting all the necessary details and fees to the Agency.

How to Check UAE Employment Visa Status with a Passport Number?

To have a clear check on the UAE employment visa status with a passport number one can also track the status after employee might have settled all necessary requirements to the Traveling agency. To track the same an employee needs to visit the official website of the country and enter the employee passport number and click on ‘Submit’. This link will be shared by the agency as processing employees’ documents.

On the other hand, obtaining a work permit is essential as it provides the authority to the employee to work in UAE. The processing time for UAE work permit is almost 10-15 days.

How to Obtain a Work Permit in UAE?

Work permit requirements involve:

  • Visa Quota Approval from Ministry of Labour through a recommended Travel Agency
  • The signing of the offer letter
  • Receiving a work approval permit from the Ministry of Labour through Traveling
  • Obtaining employment entry visa and going through a medical test
  • Receiving the Emirates ID and submitting labor contract
  • Obtaining the receipt of a work permit

A business entity needs to take care of its valuable assets ‘employees’. Most time Business entities and Employers normally ask employee to foot the bills of obtaining their work/resident permit papers just to be sure they are serious and ready to join their employers.

Same fees are been reimbursed (REFUND) to employers by their employee. The power of on-boarding and off-boarding an employee lies in the hands of an employer and a business entity. Dealing with the same process with a huge number turns out to be a complex process, but if one doesn’t take the risk, the international vibrancy within the organizations lacks to a great extent.

Now you must be wondering how to initiate this process? How to deal with the government authorities to either onboard or off-board an employee?

Well, don’t worry! All the process will be done by our Agency because we have a direct contact with the Immigration and Ministry of Interior here in UAE.

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